Vietri sul Mare | Gateway to the Amalfi Coast | Ceramics Jackpot | Sarah Peterson Photography

I met Vietri sul Mare earlier this week and she was just lovely. This precious little town is overflowing with colorful ceramic tiles, dishes and precious treasures.  I’ve heard all about her from new friends that I recently met. Since the weather is warming up to the mid 50s, sun in the forecast and kids in school – I joined some friends and we made a day trip. Much to my surprise, it’s only about 45 minutes from Napoli!

Just before you hit the Almafi Coast, this sweet little sea town has a tiny parking lot that over looks this amazing view. Luckily, we took my friends car since my American Ford Fusion would be considered a bus and parking would be really difficult (if not impossible).  Since it’s off season and the tourist haven’t filled the streets and cafe’s yet – we had a blast admiring all of the beautiful painted ceramics, eating pizza and drinking cafe!













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