Yokohama Chinatown | A Day in the Life | Documentary

A day trip to Chinatown in Yokohama? YES! It has been said that Yokohama Chinatown is the largest in Japan, if not Asia. Since we live just a quick train ride away, we wanted to take advantage for the kids to try some amazing food and see a bit of history too. COVID restrictions lifted […]

Bucket List | Capri, Italy | Traveling with Kids

Let’s go to Capri! Gearing up for a day trip is exciting! We started our day hopping on the AliBus and arriving at the Port of Naples, Italy.  We bought our boat tickets (in advance) to Capri, hopped on the boat and away we went. I brought some snacks and coloring for the kids to […]

Gateway to the Amalfi Coast | | Sarah Peterson Photography

I met Vietri sul Mare earlier this week and she was just lovely. This precious little town is overflowing with colorful ceramic tiles, dishes and precious treasures.  I’ve heard all about her from new friends that I recently met. Since the weather is warming up to the mid 50s, sun in the forecast and kids […]

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