Beautiful Shimyoji | Discovering Shrines and Temples

Time flew by while living in bella Napoli, Italia. Well – not the last year while living there since we were in lockdown. Time didn’t move very fast – but I have a feeling it felt like that for everyone…everywhere. BUT! While living in Naples, we loved our time there and one of the reasons […]

Family Photography | Evening Session | Sarah Peterson Photographer

An unforgettable evening family session in Bacoli… All of the Nonna’s were peeking outside their windows while we were strolling through the cobblestone streets eating gelato, drinking Aperol Spritz’s and avoiding getting hit by Vespa’s! Chastain Family – Thank you for sharing your little neighborhood with me. Bella Italia won’t be the same without you. […]

Family Session | Lago Patria, Italy | Sarah Peterson Photography

I’ve been dreaming of this family session for months…. When the day finally arrived, the sun was OUT and the temperature was 70! The best part? Meeting this adorable 3 year old. Below are some highlights from the recent family session located in the comfort of their front yard, in Bella Napoli.  

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