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A Personalized Experience

I am a mom and the photographer behind my business name. I take great pride in providing a better level of personal service than the large corporations. In addition, I love children. They are my favorite subject to photograph. I think they can tell I like them too. They deserve an experience where they can relax, be themselves, and stand in front of a photographer who is smiling at them.

Boutique Preschool Photography


I specialize in preschool photography.

Young children have short attention spans, and I understand you will not want to cut into education time. I do take a bit longer than the few seconds most school photographers take, but generally not longer than 1-2 minutes per child. I work hard to be a calm and encouraging presence, and that takes a little more time. But I believe those few extra seconds will show, and you will be thrilled with the results.

I present parents with an online gallery of a variety of images, generally 2 to 5.

Some children will be a little more reserved, while others will show a variety of expressions, so some children’s galleries may have more images.

To keep things simple and environmentally friendly, I handle all orders online. Your school will have a private, online gallery that explains the entire process step by step for your parents. I also receive all payments online so that schools are not handling order forms and checks. I keep things as streamlined and simple as possible for my schools.

My rates are competitive with large chains and administrators receive a price list before signing up. I do not require payment up front before picture day. Parents will have the option of purchasing a digital image or full gallery of their child.. I will never pressure parents to make a purchase, but your families will be so grateful to have multiple images to choose from, the ability to choose all their options after the images are presented to them, and a classic look and quality that they don’t usually expect from “school photos“.

Parents, if you are interested in boutique fine art photography at your child’s school, please share this link with your school administrator:

I would be honored to use your child’s images on my website, in a blog post, social media, or print marketing featuring Sarah Peterson Photography. I’ll never use names or any personal information. Please fill out the model release form below so that I know whether or not to exclude your child’s images.

Model Release

Alexandria, VA Family Photographer

I would be honored to share your family's story through my lens.
Please contact me for more information!

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