Let’s go to Capri!

Two kids walking down a narrow road in Anacapri, Italy

Gearing up for a day trip is exciting! We started our day hopping on the AliBus and arriving at the Port of Naples, Italy.  We bought our boat tickets (in advance) to Capri, hopped on the boat and away we went. I brought some snacks and coloring for the kids to keep busy during the 45-60 boat ride. Once we arrived in Marnia Grande, we walked straight to Wendi’s Whales to start our private boat tour. We all had a blast riding on the boat around the gorgeous island. We stopped by the famous Blue Grotto and we were amazed by the lovely blue waters inside the grotto. Our skipper made several stops during the day for all of us to jump off the boat and swim around! So many beautiful little swimming holes to be swam in. We all had a magical time!

After our 1/2 day boat ride, we did a little walking! We took the funicular railway that starts from the harbour and goes up to Capri Town. From there, we were able to walk to to Via Krupp and beyond!

Stunning View from Augustus Gardens Via Krupp zigzagging down Marina Piccola Capri by Boat

Getting around Capri was pretty easy. They have buses and cabs that will take you to Capri, AnaCapri and around the island. It’s CRAZY busy during July and August. Not worth the heat and the crowds – but going in May was the perfect season!

Capri offers several shops that make handmade leather sandals. I had so much fun selecting a pair!

Before you head back to the mainland, make sure you grab a delicious Caprese sandwich!



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