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We are ready to travel!

Boxes and suitcases everywhere and we have so much unpacking to do but… who cares!  All of my life, I’ve dreamed of living abroad. Not having the courage to just do it. Now, we have the opportunity and we are jumping with all of our feet in!

When we found out that we were moving – there were some tears of excitement and fear. It’s been incredible to learn more about myself through this process. I’ve been digging deep down and doing some soul searching. This is a good time for a challenge. Right?


This military move was once-in-a-lifetime but something tells me I’ll never forget this precious time in Italy.

Here are some snaps from our travels in Venice. We were able to see Doge’s Palace, chase pigeons in Saint Mark’s square and ride the gondola and of course…eat gelato!  Kids had a blast and were able to keep up with the busy schedule. We packed lots of snack to keep their tummy’s full and took lots of gelato breaks. We were lucky with the off season weather – it was chilly and we had sunshine!

I can’t wait to share more pictures from our adventures together!

Sarah Peterson Naples Italy




Doge’s Palace


Prison in Doge’s Palace Venice, Italy


Of course, our favorite 5 year old, loved all the weapons kept in the armory at Doge’s Palace….


It’s a perfect time re-apply chapstick while at Palazzo Ducale, the Doge’s Palace.


Admiring the delicate conservation process of the statue portraying Mars.  Sculpture carved by Antonio Rizzo.


Chasing pigeons through the busy crowd in San Mark’s square.




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