Philadelphia Photoshoot Extravaganza | Fall Family Session

A family photoshoot extravaganza at a farm outside of Philadelphia was the perfect spot for a Fall Family Session.

Near the city of brotherly love, isn’t just about cheesesteaks and historic landmarks. It’s also a haven for photogenic family escapades, especially when you throw in three lively girls, a grandpa with a zest for life, and an adventurous family dog into the mix!

My recent photography escapade to a charming farm just outside Philly was a riot of laughter and autumnal awesomeness. The three girls, armed with leaves and giggles, turned the farm into their personal playground.

But wait, the family dog wasn’t about to be left out of the limelight. This furry accomplice, with boundless energy and an uncanny ability to photobomb like a pro, added an extra layer of spontaneity to the session. Doggy photobombs, leafy chaos, and unbridled laughter – a recipe for capturing the perfect blend of candid moments.

In the end, this photoshoot wasn’t just about freezing moments in time; it was about capturing the essence of a family reveling in the simple joys of life. So, here’s to Springtime Manor Farm in Glenmore, PA! Where this photoshoot becomes an adventure, and every family, a cast of characters in a story, laughter, and a sprinkle of horse-approved apples!

Family outfits were coordinated by Mom! She found a couple of staples from Gap.  I love their casual and fun style! I know the pressure of finding outfits for the entire family can be daunting. Keeping simple is best!

Interested in a FUN family session? I would LOVE the opportunity to photograph your family. Please message me and we can dream together.

Family Photoshoot at a farm in the Fall Picture of a teen at a farm during a photoshoot Picture of a teen at a farm during a photoshoot Picture of a teen at a farm during a photoshoot with Sarah Peterson Picture of a teen at a farm during a photoshoot extravaganza with Sarah Peterson

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