Beautiful Shimyoji | Discovering Shrines and Temples

Time flew by while living in bella Napoli, Italia. Well – not the last year while living there since we were in lockdown. Time didn’t move very fast – but I have a feeling it felt like that for everyone…everywhere. BUT! While living in Naples, we loved our time there and one of the reasons is because of this sweet family. Right here. Our children attended the same Italian School, La Sala, together. We only had a couple months together before they moved again to start a new adventure stateside. Before their big move, I wanted to make sure we snapped some portraits of their beautiful family at one of the most beautiful locations near our house. What a gift. Snapping beautiful people at a beautiful location….

Three beautiful children sitting on a Japanese bridge near Yokosuka Mom hugging her son with a sun flare behind them standing near a Japanese bridge

Family walking in a Japanese garden Dad hugging daughter


Young girl sitting on Japanese bridge young girl sitting on Japanese bridge

teenage boy portrait with sunset behind in a Japanese garden

Three Kids standing in a Japanese garden with sunset behind them family portrait

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