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Hi! I'm Sarah, the face behind Sarah Peterson Photography...

I’m a natural light photographer and military spouse who has lived all over the world and recently moved to Alexandria, Virginia, with my husband and two children.

I started my photography journey by taking my first photography class in college. I used a classic Pentax 35mm film camera. Developed my own film in a dark room and all! It was a fun introduction!  I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts Degree and later begin a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry.  As a Speciality Sales Consultant, I traveled all of the time – which I loved! Meeting physicians, clinicians, and directors while having in-depth discussions about disease and medicine was intriguing and rewarding. After our first baby was born, I decided to focus on my little family.  I knew that I didn’t want to travel as much especially since my husband already deploys for LONG periods of time and our parents live so far from us.  The landscape of the pharmaceutical industry was changing drastically – it was a perfect time to embrace the change and focus on my little family.

As a new Mother, I really wanted to take breath-taking photos of our baby.  I already had the photography bug bite me during my first photography class in college.  But this was a different feeling. I was HOOKED on composition, lighting, exposure, posing, etc. I bought my first entry-level DSLR camera. I began photographing my friends’ babies, then friends of friends’ newborn babies…..and that’s when it clicked. My PASSION. I wanted THIS to be my career!

With years of studying, practicing, taking workshops from the best, I took the leap to become a professional photographer. Sarah Peterson Photography was born! Now, with years of owning a successful photography business, I’ve had the privilege of teaching and mentoring students from all over the WORLD!

I would be honored to share your family’s story through my lens. 

Best, Sarah

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