Blogging it all {Moving to Naples, Italy} For Real

Hey you,

My kids are at the beach with my husband and I am soaking in the silence. After a cup of cold coffee (I never quite manage to drink it while it’s still warm), and some deep breaths…I’m ready to start organizing our suitcases and make a run to the post office later today. We are gearing up for our move to Naples, Italy in 5 days.

We’ve been packed up/out for 4 weeks so far. All of our household goods are either in long term storage in Rhode Island or on a ship floating to Italy. Sold our SUV two weeks ago. Our other car is also on a ship, expecting to arrive in the next month or so. We’ve hugged a lot of family and friends during the past couple of weeks. It’s been so good. so. so. good.

I think I am ready.

The anticipation is really hard. We’ve moved across the country a couple of times already, in the past 10 years. Back and forth. It’s all stressful. This is different. We are moving to a different country! EEP! Both of our kids are excited. They are ready to start a new school. The are so excited to meet their new friends.

I am going to keep you all posted on our adventures on here. Please shoot me a message after reading this! I’d love to hear from you and stay connected.

Since it’s Autumn, the leaves are changing color, and it’s the season of pumpkin spice…I’d love to share a couple of my favorite pictures from our last Fall in Rhode Island. These were taken in our front yard. We lived on 2 acres of GORGEOUS land. It was all magical.

Sarah Peterson holding daughter in the fall leaves with sunset behind them Dad holding son in the fall leaves with sunset behind them

Dad rolling kids in a wheel barrow in the fall, colored leaves. playing with dad in the autumn leaves




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